Over 5000 Digital Tunes and 1500 Coupled with our award winning music production studio, Barnstormers utilizes all the tools and toys of our age.
Whether you decide to customize, take "on the fly" requests, or just leave it up to us, we bring more state of the art sounds to bear on your event:

  • On the spot Wi-Fi (where available and requested).
    Engaging integrating musical requests request driven music.
  • Edited for language and content (where directed). Sensitive and Proactive.
    Ask about our "Granny Filter".
  • NEW (optional) video screen. We can add Dvd, YouTube and Video Backgrounds if desired. Live Camera available upon request.
  • Beyond Mp3's: We insist on the most robust and phat sound available. Barnmstormers uses 16-24 bit (CD wave files or DVD) for our music to deliver the full audio experience that the artist created.

    Listening to i-Tunes and other compressed and "lossey' music formats may sound OK in ear buds but sounds flat or "grainy" through a quality public sound system.

For specific song availability call 512-4594012 or email your list to:

Check out our different theme/activity musical packages (below).


Our 5 different Barnstormers' DJ's personable musical professionals who specialize in various types of music/theater/or demographic. Our DJ's add the experience of over 4,500 musical events to utilize your ideas to create the perfect soundtrack for the party of your dreams.


With 5 different DJ's available, Barnstormers can match the best person's skill set for your unique event. (Vinyl, ethnic music, laptop scratching, Karaoke, etc.).Showdown College Bar DJ
Think about having Elvis, Patsy Cline or Frank Sinatra host your next event.
Got an Idea? --We're Listening. Send your ideas to bruce@barnstormersmusic.com.



Mix and Match 2 laptop, 5 different styles of CD players, 5 different brands/wattage Amps, 6 different sets of speakers-powered/passive. We deploy the best equipment for your particular event site and theme. DELL, Numark, Denon, Denonet, Gemini, JVC, Sony, Crown, QSC, Audio 2000, Sound Tech, JBl, Fain, and Peavey.



For Wedding Ceremonies: Live DJ on location specializing in invisible, ambient, musical magic. We offer custom Wedding CD's for events we DJ, as well as record the events we don’t DJ. We have several versions of each; Popular Pro, Pre, and Re-sessionals.
Shalom DJ Package
For Wedding Receptions: We DJ approximately 15-20 weddings and receptions each year. Our success stems from communicating face to face with our clients, gaining a clear understanding of our clients' visions, and creating customized musical atmospheres that truly reflect the vision of our bride and grooms. While including and engaging wedding guests, we keep the process friendly, simple and easy (‘cause we know it's hard to get married these days). Upon request, we'll provide and present the wedding party with their very own, unique Souvenir CD of the special event. Such a keepsake couples nicely with the bride and groom's wedding album and is a bonus heirloom to be enjoyed by the bride, groom, their families and with future generations!

You only get married once, so be sure to us!

Luau, Sock Hop, Beach, Trash Disco, Bar-B-Que Dance Games, Swamp/Cajun Party, Techno Future Kids/School, Inspirational, Broadway, Hollywood, Sales Corp., Culture/Motivational, Big Pimpin/Little Hoes, Rythum/live/play along, and Drum Circles (w/or w/out Fire).

  • Rock – Classic, Alternative, Modern, Oldies
  • Swing - Big Band, Texas, Ballroom Dance, Austin Music Trivia
  • Spanish – Tex-Mex, Tropical, Norteno, Mariachi
  • Techno Club, INTERNATIONAL HOUSE, 60's, 80's, 90's, Alternative
  • Country- Classic, Modern, Line Dancing, Oldies, Western


The remastered masters, Swing from the Goodman Brothers to Harry James and Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller to Miles Davis


Break out the Platform Shoes and the Bell Bottoms - Bee Gees, Donna Summer, Youza, Youza, Youza!
The music that will never die - IT'S TOO GOOD TO DANCE TO...
Disco Ball Rig


Alternative Rock, Techno Raves, Heavy Metal, Rap, Hip Hop & House
Lollapalooza to go!


Traditional to the Young Turks, Hank Williams to Garth Brooks; Jim Reeves to The Tractors; Cajun Waltzes to Boot Scootin' 2 Steps
Country Bruce DJ


Gymnasium Rig

  • Air Guitar contest
  • Hula Hoops
  • YMCA
  • Macarena
  • Cupid Schuffle/Soulja Boy
  • Walk It Out/Soultrain
  • Signify/Testify
  • Slides: Cha Cha /Electric
  • Freezeframe
  • Musical Chairs
  • Hava Negila
  • Chicken Dance
  • Limbo
  • Hokey Pokey
  • Twist
  • Shout
  • Cotton-Eyed Joe
  • Baby Got Back (Booty)
  • Line dance and/or Aerobics instructor Available
  • Cumbia
  • Salsa contest
  • High School Musicals
  • Hannah Cheatah
  • Jonas Bros
  • Exclusive Toddler Childrens Karaoke
    (For Those Who Can't Read Yet)




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